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Karnataka Academic Guidelines(Shikshana Margadarshi) 2023-34


The Karnataka academic guidelines are designed by the Department of School Education and Literacy to provide a framework for the educational system in the state. These guidelines outline the curriculum, teaching methodologies, assessment strategies, and other important aspects of education for different grade levels.

The academic guidelines 2023-24 typically include the following information:

1. Curriculum: The guidelines specify the subjects and topics that are to be covered at each grade level. They outline the learning objectives, content, and expected outcomes for each subject.

2. Pedagogy: The guidelines provide guidance on effective teaching methodologies and approaches. They may encourage student-centered learning, activity-based learning, and the use of technology in the classroom.

3. Assessment: The guidelines outline the assessment methods and practices to evaluate student learning. They may include details about formative assessments, summative assessments, grading systems, and the frequency of assessments.

4. Co-curricular activities: The guidelines may highlight the importance of co-curricular activities such as sports, arts, and cultural activities. They may provide recommendations on how to integrate these activities into the overall curriculum.

5. Inclusive education: The guidelines emphasize the importance of inclusive education and providing equal opportunities to all students, including those with special needs. They may provide strategies for accommodating diverse learners in the classroom.

6. Professional development: The guidelines may include provisions for teacher training and professional development programs. They may encourage continuous learning for teachers to enhance their teaching skills and stay updated with the latest educational practices.

To access the specific details of the Karnataka academic guidelines for the year 2023-24, I recommend Download  Karnataka Department of School Education and Literacy published academic guidelines.  

Download Academic Guidelines(Shikshana Margadarshi) 2023-34 – Click Here

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